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What is ClickAndBind?

ClickAndBind is a new and powerful online insurance distribution platform that offers independent agents nationwide a world of insurance products with the click of a button. The powerful and flexible system allows agents to buy products for their customers online quickly and easily AND also allows consumers to buy insurance online directly from their agent's website. Designed to link agents, carriers, and consumers, ClickAndBind is the solution for insurance agents and providers to compete with "direct writers" who sell insurance directly to consumers without the use of an agency force.

What do we offer for agents?

The ability for agents to compete online in the quoting and selling of insurance products to customers
"Click and buy" online functionality for agents' customers
Use of our proprietary automatic cross-selling tool to turn single-policy clients into multiple-policy clients in minutes with little or no agent intervention
The use of an expanded market as well as incorporation of the agent’s own current markets
A link on an agent's website that allows consumers to quote and buy themselves from the agent's site
Less work and more efficiency in marketing, selling, and cross-selling to clients
An online retail presence customized for the agent
Sophisticated and easy-to-use “back office” tools for analyzing and cross-marketing an agent's book of business

One platform that integrates and automates all of the agent’s most common and essential tools: from online lead generation to quoting to binding to cross-selling and servicing.

What do we do for agents?

Integrate multiple insurance tools into one powerful platform that allows independent agents to compete with direct writers online.

What sets us apart?

The "Click and Buy" functionality that we have developed over the past 10 years allows consumers to buy directly from an agent’s website. Our unique platform operate with a growing list of carriers and multiple products for online distribution through agents. Our automatic cross-selling feature helps agents increase retention and revenue by converting single-policy clients into multiple-policy clients with our without agent intervention.

How can agents compete with direct writers?

Now for the first time agents nationwide have a practical and cost-effective solution to the problems of competing with direct writers and online insurance sales vehicles. ClickAndBind represents an "engine" that powers the distribution of insurance products online. Through a powerful and flexible IT platform, ClickAndBind serves as a critical link between carrier and consumer or carrier and agency. ClickAndBind creates a portal through which carriers can distribute their products electronically allowing consumers to buy from an agent's website, allowing agents an online binding platform, or both.

Are there minimum production requirements?

No. Carriers generally impose production demands that agencies must meet in order to retain products to sell or to expand their product offerings. The practice stems from the costs involved in setting up and supporting an agency with products. An agency must meet a certain threshold of production in order to make that agency relationship a profitable one for the carrier. Small to mid-sized agencies often struggle to obtain products to represent. ClickAndBind offers a full complement of products to agents without minimum sales requirements, opening up a world of opportunity for the average agency to sell products often unavailable to them and with market rate commissions.

How do agents access the platform?

Agents may take advantage of the ClickAndBind platform in various ways. They may put a link on their OWN websites for their clients to access the ClickAndBind products. Agents may have a presence on a collective agent portal such as Additionally, if they are listed on one or more carriers' website agent locator, agents may ask their carrier(s) how ClickAndBind can allow visitors to the carrier site to select their agency, fill out an application online, and rate and bind their risk in real time or be connected live to the agent for questions or to close the sale.

What insurance products are supported?

ClickAndBind supports a full range of Insurance Products, including Automobile Insurance, Home Insurance, Disability Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Credit Insurance, Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Collector Car Insurance, International Insurance, Collectible Insurance, and more. Ask us about other specialty products and expand your markets today!

Must agents use the ClickAndBind markets for their clients?

Agents are free to use the ClickAndBind online markets, but we also incorporate markets agents already have and even interface to their existing comparative rater subscriptions.

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