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ClickAndBind's Simple Insurance Broker Appointment Process

Who wants the hassle of filling out burdensome paperwork in order to be appointed as an approved insurance broker only to wait endlessly for the company to complete the processing?  With other insurance companies, it takes too long to get approval and there are often problems with incomplete paperwork.  In contrast, ClickAndBind makes the Insurance Broker Appointment Process easy and painless.  Use our online agent registration process to get your Insurance Broker Appointment quickly and efficiently.

Online Broker Registration
Our online broker registration process gathers the information necessary to ensure that brokers are up and running with all of our products in the minimum time necessary, while simultaneously providing us with the information we need to perform the screening processes required by our State Insurance regulators and to confirm appropriate broker licensing details. As a result, brokers are able to access our products and services so that they can convert leads into sales and generate increased revenue.

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