Selected Projects

Allied Integration and Consumer Portal, an online professional independent insurance agency functioning around the U.S., entered into a strategic partnership with the Allied Insurance Group — Nationwide® companies, one of the largest insurance providers in the United States—to offer power sports insurance online for consumers to buy in real time. Developed by ClickAndBind, PolicyDOG's technology enables customers to bind affordable, quality insurance policies for multiple Allied products using their Internet browser.

ClickAndBind is the first and only insurance technology company to program Allied’s power sports portfolio for online distribution. With the ClickAndBind technology in place, consumers around the country can go to an Allied agent’s site and purchase one of several power sports policies (motorcycle, ATV, RV, snowmobile, etc.) online in minutes.

Readers Digest
Capitalizing on the growing popularity of pet health insurance in America, Reader’s Digest, Pet First Healthcare—one of the nation’s leading pet health insurance providers—and Petsure teamed up to offer a pet health insurance program to Reader’s Digest clients. ClickAndBind programmed a unique policy offering tailored specifically for Reader’s Digest customers and Reader’s Digest, utilizing their vast database of customers, embarked on an email campaign to drive customers to a landing page ClickAndBind created specifically for this marketing campaign. The landing page served as a co-branded portal into the ClickAndBind? platform for Reader’s customers to receive a rate and buy a pet health insurance policy themselves in minutes. - Over 12 years of quote and buy online
One of the oldest and longest-standing websites to offer online motorcycle insurance for instant rate and bind for consumers is Now a brand of online national agency, still offers motorcycle insurance to enthusiasts via ClickAndBind’s cloud-based, online distribution platform. Since 2000, Motorcycle Services has been earning a reputation among motorcycle enthusiasts as the go-to source for insurance and information about coverages in the US and abroad.

iQuoteX Integration
One of the largest online lead generation services for insurance agents, iQuoteX (Insurance Quote Exchange) funnels consumers shopping online for insurance as leads to insurance agents and carriers. ClickAndBind integrated front-end lead generation from iQuoteX into its proprietary quote and bind system and then distributed RATED leads as COMPLETED APPLICATIONS (and in some cases sold policies) to a group of insurance agents using a distribution algorithm also built by ClickAndBind. Leads came into a platform built by ClickAndBind which was integrated with rating engines from different carriers depending on the product requested. functions is a licensed, online, “virtual” insurance agency operating across the nation. A rare new breed of “cloud-based” professional insurance agency, PolicyDOG offers consumers the ability to click and buy multiple insurance products (from power sports and pet health insurance to Identity theft protection and auto and home warranty contracts) from many different insurance providers all from the same site. ClickAndBind provided the platform that makes all of this possible and employs the automatic cross-marketing tool that allows a customer to buy, for example, a motorcycle insurance policy from one carrier, a pet health insurance policy from another, and a home warranty from yet another provider all at once, by entering data one time, all from the same site in minutes. No technology company other than ClickAndBind has developed and employed this capability. Integration
4FreeQuotes is one of the web's most successful lead distribution businesses, capturing and distributing leads for insurance agents and carriers for power sports products (e.g. motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, boat insurance) and auto insurance. ClickAndBind and 4FreeQuotes worked together to integrate real-time rating for 4FreeQuotes customers, allowing those customers to receive a real rate in real time and buy a policy in minutes if desired. ClickAndBind could distribute rated leads to insurance agents for customers seeking additional rates from several agents.
Motorcycle Express is one of the world’s largest motorcycle shipping companies, allowing enthusiasts from the US and abroad to ship their bikes by air to a destination country where they pick up their bike to use on tour. entered a co-marketing arrangement with and, embedding ClickAndBind technology into the site, to refer motorcycle insurance business to those agencies.

Modern Business Associates
MBA, one of the nation’s leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) wanted to provide additional benefits to their 30,000 external employees. ClickAndBind developed a solution for them. is a branded site MBA introduced to their employees as a value-added, convenient service for their clients to buy multiple consumer insurance products anytime, day or night. By branding the site for MBA, ClickAndBind was able to help MBA extend their brand in the marketplace while giving their clients confidence to shop with a brand they trust. is a cloud-based service for groups of insurance agents that offers numerous products and new markets for agents to offer their clients. Working with some of the largest providers of insurance and warranty products in the world, ClickAndBind has programmed a package of products to boost agents' offerings, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and build agency revenues. Committed to bringing agents into the online sale of insurance, allows agents to put a "widget" on their sites that lets a consumer rate and buy a product and still be represented by their local, preferred agent. goagents also offers a dashboard for agents complete with analytical tools for agents to analyze their pipeline, instant cross-selling capabilities, and even an online chat function. All technology for the goagents site is provided by ClickAndBind.

Auto Warrant and Power Sports Warranty
The Warranty Group (TWG) is "the world’s premier provider of extended warranty programs and related benefits for the auto, home, consumer goods and travel industries," with "47 years experience and 1800 employees in 33 countries" . Virginia Surety Company, founded in 1927 (rated A- by A.M. Best Company, November 23, 2010), underwrites TWG's auto and power sports warranty products in the U.S. and is one of the largest underwriters of insured service plans and warranty products in the world. ClickAndBind has programmed TWG/Virginia Surety's power sports and auto warranty programs for online distribution to consumers through agents. Any online sale of one of these extended service contracts is accomplished through the ClickAndBind online rating/binding and delivery technology.

Home Warranty
ClickAndBind has programmed a “paperless” home warranty sales tool for online distribution of extended service contracts and protection against costly repairs for home appliances and systems such as plumbing, electric, and HVAC. Working with one of the industry’s largest providers of home warranties, ClickAndBind developed the program as a value-added benefit for insurance agents to offer their clients, as well as for real estate agents to offer to their clients in conjunction with the sale of a home.